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Jul 20, 2017

The boys are busy which means Nicole & Jenni get to talk about whatever they like on the pod this week.

There's lots to discuss with the inside line on all things Event Rider Masters from Jardy, the invincible Michi Jung & a #NumptyNicole moment when she was set up by Diarm.

Jenni springs a #BigFatAachenQuiz on Nicole while looking at German domination at arguably the toughest Nations Cup there is. The argument for a German 1-2-3 is strong but there are plenty of contenders to challenge, including Sam's favourite Propriano de l'Ebat. Jenni pins her #PodPicks hopes on the returning Nobilis 18.

There's also a new Eventing Podcast #superfan in the making & the girls set Sam a challenge of some Aachen impressions.