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Feb 23, 2017

Special bonus show this week. We decided to find out who could best select the 5 top performers for 2017 based on the ER Ratings. We each picked our five, and to make it harder for us - we had to select totally different teams. It should be easier for you guys, just pick any 5. Lets see who really knows their stuff!

Send us your teams on Twitter using the hashtag #PodcastPicks or on Facebook or email or somehow get the list of 5 to us and we will put you into the system.

You have until the end of March, Belton is the cut-off point. There will be a prize...we haven't decided yet..but something decent like an iPad rather than just the usual. And all you have to do is send us 5 horses to be in with a chance of glory. 

I have Sam standing by to enter in the teams, so let us know your team of 5. Things getting exciting now as the season nears the start on this side of the world.