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Jun 7, 2024

Join us for an exclusive conversation on the latest When Nicole Met show featuring the legendary Shane Rose! 

In this episode, Nicole and Shane delve into the fascinating world of equestrian sports, exploring Shane's journey from an aspiring rider to a top-tier eventer. Tune in as they discuss:

πŸ… Career Choices: Discover why Shane chose eventing and the unique opportunities Australia offers in the sport.

πŸ’Έ Financial Management: Learn about the financial challenges of affording eventing.

🐴 Horse Breeding and Racing: Hear about Shane's journey in racing. 

πŸ† The Comeback: Hear about Shane's recent injury and his Paris comeback


Shane Rose is an accomplished Australian equestrian who has competed in multiple Olympic Games, securing his legacy with three medals. Shane began riding at five years old at the Forest Hills Pony Club and has sustained a lifelong commitment to the sport. His Olympic successes include team silvers at the Beijing 2008 and Tokyo 2020 games, and a team bronze at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Shane is also a familiar face at major international competitions like the World Equestrian Games, where he consistently represents Australia. Based in New South Wales, Shane not only competes but also manages Bimbadeen Park, a horse training facility he runs with his wife, Niki.


This show is very kindly supported by Bedmax.

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