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Apr 5, 2017

The team looks at one of the biggest CIC3*s in the Eventing calendar. Sam gets himself into hot water with the ladies but thankfully gets shown up by eight of the top ten being ladies. We look at 'The Great British Rebuilding Project', led by the 10 year old KBIS Starburst, the overall winner #BusyIzzy. Leonidas came close to the top prize - surely a second career win will come soon! One-tenth of a second cost Piggy French and Quarrycrest Echo the overall win - what a return that could have been! Another horse that is going to be on the radar for Strezgom. The Mr Bass FOD record has come to an end but what a record it is - just himself and Nereo have five consecutive FODs at 3 & 4* level. Zara Tinder is back aswell with a huge performance ahead of Rolex and Arctic Soul gets his run in at last before his big CCI run in May. 

The Irish challenge is mounting by the way. Big performances this weekend. 

The season is picking up. There was lots of Badminton and Rolex prep runs. 2 four stars coming up in the next four weeks! Hurray!