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Oct 2, 2017

We have a full and very excited team this week as Sam, Diarm, Nicole and Jenni all prepare to head to Boekelo for the biggest CCI3* of the year ... if Nicole doesn't get lost while navigating the Dutch train system.

Jenni surprises everyone with a pop quiz on Boekelo history that goes completely sideways, and everyone has a different opinion on who will win. Sam sticks with the numbers in making his picks, which Diarm thinks is the easy way out. Nicole and Jenni are both cheering for Australia to take their first win in event history, though there are literal dark horses and invaders from the USA prepared to challenge. Who will prevail in the end?

You can watch Boekelo live starting with dressage on Thursday on the Boekelo website with commentary from Nicole and Diarm packed with EquiRatings stats. #MBE17