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Nov 17, 2016

In the second of the Eventing Podcast 'Locker Room Talk' series, Nicole and Diarm talk to wild and wonderful Team GB international Gemma Tattersall about her incredible 2016 season. A wonderful Badminton result, through the excitements and disappointments of Rio 2016, the emergence of 8yo wondermare Santiago Bay...and that black day at Blenheim when the hot favourite for the Event Rider Masters title didn't fire.

Gemma is a great interview (and a great event rider) because she is a bit mad, supremely confident but also very humble and very honest.

We have a few more riders lined up to tell their stories but in terms of highs and lows in a season, Gemma's 2016 will be hard to top. If you want to tell us we are great, we are terrible or ask us questions, you'll find us in the normal places.. Twitter - Facebook or using #eventingpodcast.