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May 25, 2017

With Diarm & Sam away in Spain (yes Sam's Spanish impression makes an appearance, no it hasn't improved since last time) the team have a quick (very quick!) preview of all the action coming up at Houghton International this weekend.  The Germans are in full force for the Nations Cup but the Americans also have a strong hand to take on none other than Mr Bass who runs for the first time since winning Ballindenisk last month.

It's a little more out of control than normal with Nicole getting her bathroom DIY in a muddle, Diarm's expressions getting him into trouble again, Sam, he was just being Sam & Jenni being the most normal (as usual) of the group.

There is lots to talk about in this Podcast from Saumur, Tattersalls, Luhmuhlen and a #PodPicks leaderboard update.

A big couple of weeks on the Horseware Eventing Podcast coming up as Sam & Jenni head to Tatts while Nicole & Diarm go to Wiesbaden for Leg 2 of the Event Rider Masters.

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