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Feb 26, 2024

Lucinda Green, a legend in the equestrian world, renowned for her six Badminton wins on six different horses but who is her horse of a lifetime?

🐴 Discover how a lazy little pony, a Christmas gift when Lucinda was just eight, taught her invaluable lessons about timing, encouragement, and the profound bond between horse and rider. Jupiter may not have been the obvious choice amidst her celebrated champions, but the lessons he imparted proved crucial for Lucinda's incredible success.

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Lucinda Green is a revered figure in the world of eventing, celebrated for her unmatched record of six victories at the Badminton Horse Trials on six different horses. Her illustrious career is also highlighted by a silver medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and a gold at the 1982 World Championships, alongside multiple European Championships medals, establishing her as one of the sport's greatest competitors. 

Beyond her competitive achievements, Lucinda is highly regarded for her contributions to the sport through coaching, education, and commentary. She is passionate about teaching the next generation of riders, focusing on the principles of horsemanship, trust, and respect between horse and rider.



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