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Dec 5, 2017

We saw standout performances from all corners of the world in the 2017 eventing season. With only 12 slots available for EquiRatings Horse of the Year, a fierce debate ensues as Sam, Diarm, Jenni and Nicole select the nominees in this hour-long, action-packed episode.

The team battle it out to get their favourites onto the list. We look at the stats. We relive the memories. In the end Diarm laments the fact that Mr Bass is not on the list — some things never change! It's an episode not to be missed.

Congrats to Ivar Gooden for winning the Fan Nomination with a massive push on social media. Stay tuned for the winners of the Rambo Duo rugs, and thank you to all who participated in our Horseware contest. Without further ado, our 12 nominees ...

1. fischerRocana FST (GER)
2. Nereo (NZL)
3. Arctic Soul (GBR)
4. Horseware Hale Bob (GER)
5. Ballaghmor Class (GBR)
6. Bulana (GBR)
7. Hunter Valley II (AUS)
8. Donner (USA)
9. Cekatinka (NZL)
10. Calle 44 (JPN)
11. Ivar Gooden (GBR)
12. Foxwood High (CAN)

In-depth articles will be posted for each horse on the EquiRatings blog, with all the stats, facts and numbers you need to know. Voting starts ahead of Christmas week! 

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