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Jan 22, 2017

The #EventingPodcast team are back....and now they have the power of the little green book on their side.   

It is time to begin the first in a series of specials which focus on major events to look forward to in 2017. On this episode, the team look at the combinations who have completed one of the the world's greatest four-stars, Badminton Horse Trials, on their dressage score - otherwise known as an F.O.D.  Not as easy, or as common you might think, this feat has been achieved in total 86 times by 50 different riders since penalty scoring was introduced in 1971.  4 riders have managed this on an incredible 4 occasions but one man has managed it a quite staggering 5 times - all rise for the maestro that is Blyth Tait.

Diarm realises that Lucinda Green was actually very good (and predicts the end of the Jung reign). Sam trots out some impressions and is apparently described as 'interesting' & 'informative'.....  Jenni professes her love for Eagle Lion & Nicole tries to keep the whole thing under control.